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Compliation of my Sailor Moon cosplay :D

It’s been my dream to cosplay Sailor Moon for years and this past weekend at AX 2012 it got to come true :D You may be wondering why I chose to go with a black color for the wig, and the reason is, cuz I’m black LOL XD

I wanted to do a version of Sailor Moon that looked more natural for me, and I think it still turned out well :]

This is going to sound cheesy but I hope that me cosplaying shows girls who may think they can’t cosplay because they have a darker skin tone (because 90% of characters are light skinned) or a curvier body type that they don’t have to be afraid to be their dream character! You can adjust the character to suit yourself while being as true to the original as you can :]

Photogry credit goes to my friend He did an amazing job! Thanks again :]

You look incredible! Your wig is flawless and it makes the whole cosplay look amazing. I also love the accents, like your flower and pearls.

oh my god oh my god you’re SO CUTe oh my gOD

beautiful perfect cosplay help

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Filed under fighting evil by moonlight partly rebageling for dagmar because hey YOU CAN COSPLAY WHOEVER THE HELL YOU WANT if you only play non-white girls you are going to have A REAL HARD TIME finding characters it is a problem anyway yeah this girl is fucking adorable TWO THUMBS UP come as you aren't

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    A+! If your soul identifies with a character, then your body is right for depicting that character. Thanks to...
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    Best cosplay ever, you go girl.
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