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19 Signs Your Best Friend Might Be A Serial Killer



Filed under this is my design so is that LITERALLY ACTUALLY hannibal's plan? am i completely misinterpreting that? because i have certainly been thinking that it seems hannibal sees a potential killer in will and has been trying to encourage that to come out but is that actually his well design? probably hannibal just wants a buddy to murder people with is that so wrong he just wants someone who shares his interests! and cough tastes

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Why are we shitting on a kids movie? It’s a movie, calm the fuck down. If you liked it, awesome. If you hate it, alrighty. Just stop. I’ve seen this presentation so many times that it’s stupid.  

  Does anybody really watch to enjoy or to be a huge critic? 

"Shitting on a kids movie" Did you even fucking read what I wrote? If you think pointing out its problematic side while telling people that they can like what they like = shitting on a movie lol

Here’s the fucking thing though, I’m “shitting” on a kids movie because media has a huge, huge impact on how we view society. And do you know who’s really impressionable? Kids.

Have you heard of the Clark Doll Experiments where African American children repeatedly picked the white doll over the black doll? Why do you think that is? If you guessed internalized racism from negative media portrayals of blackness and normalization of white beauty standards, you’d be right. Or how about this recent study that shows that TV boosts the self esteem of white boys? Huh, I wonder if that’s because characters tend to be overwhelmingly white and male.

The thing is that how people are represented (or not represented) in media shapes core social opinions and even self esteems of young children. Disney, a company that specializes in media for children, perpetuating media inequality is a problem that should be pointed out and criticized.

Sorry your “I just watch things to shit on them because I’m a party pooper” strawman does not exist.

So yeah why don’t you sit the fuck back down and go block Frozen on Tumblr Savior if you’re so upset. Thanks.

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#I wish this show wasn’t fucking awful because #these bros were DOING IT


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Filed under seriously what a god-awful show the first season was so promising and then after that it was as if every episode was written by a different person and every one of those people had a totally different idea so each week it basically played out like OH NO I KNOW I SAID I WAS BAD BUT ACTUALLY IT WAS A LIE I AM GOOD and then the next week it was like NO WAIT I AM BAD PSYCH and after that NO WAIT BETTER IDEA I'M GOOD BUT I'M SECRETLY A DIFFERENT PERSON THAN YOU EVEN THOUGHT I WAS or whatever that's not based on a real example but ugh someone needed to be the babysitter of that writers' room anyway so these two doing it totally

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you’re a king and i’m a lionheart.

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Filed under time and relative dimensions stuck with you falls down cries they are so perfect she's so good and so brave he was so dark when they met and she just healed it and i love them i just i don't know he needed her so much and didn't know it until he had her and she didn't need him exactly she could've been happy in her boring life in the boring shop with boring mickey it wouldn't have been perfect but she could've done alright like most of us do but he gives her the chance to be so much more and so much better to be that strong and that brave and she steps right up to it and owns it and if you don't like rose tyler then i don't understand your brain not even a little bit not even at all

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Don’t ever tell me something is impossible to play.

The most ungodly and horrifying sound on earth: Circus Galop.

Five recordings and one of me, as well as two automation clips and three days to complete this. I think I need a break.



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Filed under sounds i will warn you that this is really interesting and not terrible but i found it REALLY DEEPLY STRESSFUL to listen to it is super frantic and all over the place obvs and just yeah i could only make it through about a minute and a half but it's neat

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science bros.

There are no words to describe my feelings about this relationship. But I’m going to try.

First of all, their parallels. Both geniuses, top of their field. Both suffered an accident that physically changed them, forever, and not in a wholesome Spider-Man kind of way. Both try to do what they can to help others despite their own issues; Banner heals people, Tony works on developing clean energy. And both struggle, in their own way, with duality; Tony and Iron Man, Bruce and the Hulk. Two identities, one body. Only difference is Iron Man’s bad side is Tony.

I mentioned somewhere that Tony sees a bit of himself in Banner because they both have a monster inside them that they can’t control, a creature that springs fully formed from the id, the base impulses and the nasty stuff at the back of the mind. Bruce’s is a giant green rage monster. Tony’s trashed a party in Iron Man 2. Banner has a control over his that Tony hasn’t quite achieved yet; don’t think I didn’t notice Tony pouring himself a whiskey when confronting Loki. Tony is envious, fascinated, and most of all, impressed by Bruce’s control.

So he doesn’t walk on eggshells around Bruce like the others, because that’s not what Bruce needs. Tony sees Bruce’s restraint, sees the quiet, brilliant man making self-deprecating jokes in the corner of the room, sees the way people look at him like he’s going to snap any second, and thinks “nope”. Tony does what no-one else aboard that Helicarrier does. He trusts him. He makes jokes and jabs him and teases him and above all, treats him exactly how he would treat anyone else— he has a great regard for Bruce’s brilliance, and tells him so, but he doesn’t try to ignore the Hulk in the room. When he says “wow, you’ve really got a handle on this, haven’t you?” he’s not saying “gosh, it’s incredible you haven’t snapped yet and killed everyone on board” he’s saying “I know you have a handle on this, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, so I’m gonna poke you with this sharp object to prove it”. And you can see Bruce relax, and smile, and trust him back.

But then Tony goes even further, and invites Bruce to come to his R&D department. I’m pretty sure the two of them drive off together in Tony’s car at the end of the movie to do just that. And, okay, sure, Bruce is smart, but Tony’s tech is his baby. How many people get invitations to come and see his work? He invites Bruce because he recognises his brilliance, yes, but there’s another reason. He’s inviting Bruce to come down and work with him after this is over. He’s giving Bruce something to do next, a purpose, an alternative to disappearing into the ether to be alone with his monster. Tony knows from experience that being alone with your issues doesn’t end well, so for what’s only the third time in his life he extends the hand of friendship to a guy he’s known barely an hour.

And then, he tells Bruce to let the beast loose. Not just because they need him to fight, but because it will help him. If Bruce can take this thing that he sees as a curse and turn it into a gift, well, that’s going to lift him out of a very dark place. I’m not saying Tony knew about Bruce’s attempted suicide, but I think he had a suspicion that Bruce had been, in his words, “low”. So he encourages Bruce to take all that crap and pain and the Other Guy and use him to help people; after all, that’s what he did.

And it pays off. Nobody— nobody— thinks Bruce is going to turn up for that final battle. You can see the look on Natasha and Steve’s faces when Tony asks if Bruce turned up yet. They’ve counted Bruce out. Guy’s a mess, right? He’s too volatile. Doesn’t play well with others. He could never work as part of a team. No-one thinks he’ll come through when it matters. Except Tony. He has faith in him, and that faith is rewarded. It’s no wonder the Hulk is the one to catch Tony. Tony’s the one who helped let him out. He’s just returning the favor.

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Filed under we are the cartoon heroes what am i supposed to do with all of these tony stark feels what a good post yes yes good tony is the best the end i love him the most forever and bruce is so cute and so GOOD and they are great and i just i have a lot of feelings about these characters