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that-vicious-vixen asked: Arthur/Eames!

AAWW hahaha wwooowww i haven’t thought about them in a while HMMM

  • big spoon/little spoon:  as much as i treasure the idea of bara dudes being cuddled… eames is def the big spoon more of the time.

  • favorite non-sexual activity:  uuhhhh crime? they both enjoy their jobs a LOT. also eames likes to go to museums and arthur follows him and acts bored (he probably actually is at least a little bored tbh)

  • who uses all the hot water:  ARTHUR arthur is a total hedonist at heart and looves really hot showers. eames joins sometimes? and he likes showers he just doesn’t, like. wallow in them. jesus arthur you are going to drown yourself one of these days.

  • most trivial thing they fight over:  things being used as coasters that should not be coasters. grains of sugar or cereal crumbs on the floor that don’t get picked up properly thus leading to stepping in grit while innocently attempting to make coffee.

  • who does most of the cleaning:  uhhh. neither unless they have to. mostly they don’t have to, though. they’re not really in one place long enough to leave clutter.

  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:  HMM. okay. they mostly watch stuff together, so neither of them really controls the queue, but: game of thrones, absolutely. downton abbey. cutthroat kitchen. they’ve got battlestar galactica in the queue but haven’t sat down to watch it yet. dexter and breaking bad. white collar, person of interest, fringe. they DVR everything though because they’re never home so it’s either, like, mainlining an entire series once it hits netflix or catching up on something every few months.

  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  arthur because a) he’s the biggest baby when it comes to climate control and b) he is scarier, he will get results immediately.

  • who steals the blankets:  arthur? neither, really, but arthur gets cold more. he’s more likely to stick his cold hands on eames’ back/belly than steal blankets, though.

  • who leaves their stuff around:  neither of them - eames doesn’t own a lot of stuff so mostly he isn’t messy, and arthur likes to have stuff but also likes to know where stuff is so it doesn’t get left around too much. i think arthur is probably a messy person naturally but also he likes organisation so he has a lot of, like, ikea type stuff to store his things so that everything has a place to belong.

  • who remembers to buy the milk:  eames, 100%. eames is in charge of most things kitchen-related. it’s just safer that way. (so the sugar grains thing above is his fault, with arthur being the one to stumble into the kitchen for coffee and get a footful of crumbs)

  • who remembers anniversaries:  both of them. eames is more demonstrably sentimental about them, though. 

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Filed under BRRRM BRRRM dream a little bigger eames is the best part of this movie he is the balthier of this movie he is the natasha romanoff of this movie go back and watch it and keep track of how much shit eames gets done he says himself that inception isn't impossible just bloody difficult and then he basically SINGLEHANDEDLY GETS THE JOB DONE? eames is so great goddamn it helps that he is hotter than a hundred suns and also delightfully snarky bless

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Filed under BRRRM BRRRM dream a little bigger oh babies i love this bit i love that arthur balances his chair like that at all i love the way arthur glares i love what a total child eames is i just really enjoy these two and the ways they interact and also how eames is the top-secret hero of this movie he's the balthier! haaa hahaha oh my gosh that makes arthur fran a;lsdkgj foams at the mouth forgets how to breathe falls down and stays down

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oh my gosh can we please all have the discussion once again about how eames is actually the most valuable member of the team who solves every single fucking problem that is thrown at them and basically single-handedly gets the job done?


i really


that conversation

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Filed under SCREAMING oh my god what a good post what a good FACE tom hardy you should think about the people you are hurting and the lives you are ruining except no actually don't because i am happier ruined like this ugh eames why are you the actual best part of this movie why and also how in a movie that is full of great people and just general greatness happening left and right how do you manage to be THE BEST THING you know what i am tagging this as BRRRM BRRRM for inception but also dream a little bigger which is usually for arthur and eames but i think maybe eames deserves his own