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That’s it, I’m moving to London…

Yep, you said it!!!!!!

Yep. London is clearly the perfect place to ride the subway.

y’all so lucky all i get are some cranky, stinky, invading private space ordinary people every day

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Billie and Christopher on set of Boom Town.






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Filed under time and relative dimensions stuck with you eccles i miss you i can't even like i don't like to use terms like OTP because as even the most cursory examination of my blog would reveal i don't exactly have just the One but if i did it might be them i am so emotionally invested in the doctor and rose dynamic STILL YEARS LATER that it is just kind of insane

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Doctor Who Meme | 10 Episodes

Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways (2/10)

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Filed under time and relative dimensions oh shit yes the best so good the way the doctor just blue screens when he thinks rose is dead omfg and jack is so brave and rose is so INCREDIBLE and oh eccles no nooo sob eccles i miss you i love this season i can't believe people legitimately recommend to people that they start off with ten and skip this season this is a thing people say! I DON'T UNDERSTAND i have also seen the sentiment stick with it through first season because it gets better w h a t first season is so fucking good what even if you are just suffering through first season waiting for david tennant to show up then you and i have very different doctor who experiences

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i love rose tyler

i fucking love rose tyler

i love how she takes this and is like





and fuck you for trying

rose as the bad wolf is maybe my favourite moment of this show ever

i guess most companions are like this; the doctor, as rose herself says, teaches people to not just take what you’re given but to fight for what you want and for what needs to be done. but one of the reasons i really love rose is that she does this, in huge ways, twice. the bad wolf is more blatant, because that’s rose’s story, and we’re with her through it. but when she shows up in the stolen earth… what the hell has rose tyler been through to get back to where she belongs? what a badass that woman is. i love her so terribly much.

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omfg not even going to queue this, fuck it, just reblogging

i love, i absolutely fucking adore, this moment. and yes, it’s because they are maybe the best romance ever, i don’t care how much of a sap i am, i mean, LOOK AT THIS.

so far they’ve faced living plastic and the actual end of the actual earth, and now they’re in some crappy, creepy cellar in cardiff with a bunch of dead bodies coming after them and in the middle of that… he’s just so glad he met her. he hardly even knows her yet.

this is basically their third date, and he is already so crazy about her. and maybe that would be weird except for how she’s about equally as crazy about him. and they have so much further to go this is only the start and i just



i’m sorry if you follow me and hate this pairing and i am drowning you in it but i kind of don’t get how you could possibly enjoy this show (or at least RTD’s run of this show) while hating this pairing?? surely that would lead to just hating the show. because their importance to each other is very much not a “ugh fangirls reading too much into EVERYTHING” sort of deal, that’s just… very, very, very canon.

i have a lot of feelings about this pairing, hang on let me go off just for a paragraph or two

RTD set out to make a buffy-esque version of doctor who. i loved buffy, but it was a show very full of flaws, most of them plot/writing-related. doctor who has its share of similar flaws, but RTD succeeded in getting me invested in the relationship between the doctor and rose in a way that joss never managed for me with buffy and angel. when angel became angelus, i was sad because i liked buffy, and because seriously, worst first time ever ever ever. but it didn’t break my heart, and it certainly doesn’t still get to me.

doomsday fucking kills me, years later, even though i know how it’s going to end, even though i know how it’s going to get resolved, it doesn’t matter. rose’s heartbreak becomes mine and i fucking weep every single time i watch that episode. the writing, the directing, omfg the ACTORS and, jesus, that music.. it’s so incredibly well done.

and this is really what i mean when i say that this show is so great, or i really miss this show, or whatever. i miss that this show used to make me feel that emotionally connected pretty much all the time! (see: my weepfest last night over donna noble.) i know (or, well, i guess, anyway) there must be people who really prefer moffat’s take on things, but it’s just not something i’m ever going to understand. this is where my heart still lives.

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