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Here are all 9 pieces from my first thesis project!

At the beginning of the semester, I read folktales from around the world and sought out interesting imagery and characters to develop into 9 full page illustrations. As I made each illustration, I did a ton of research into the clothing, symbols, patterns, and other related imagery from the each story’s culture.

I am fascinated by old stories and how they have been passed down and shaped future stories. I learned a lot from this project, but I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface! There is so much more to these unique cultures, and I’ll continue to draw inspiration from them.

For each individually, and some process sketches see the links below:

The Fisherman and the Gruagach of Tricks (Ireland)

The Giant Who Had no Heart In His Body (Norway)

The Firebird and the Horse of Power (Russia)

Sinbad and the Seven Voyages (Middle East)

The Magic Brocade (China)

Urashima (Japan)

Hats to Disappear With (Korea)

The Search for the Magic Lake ( Ecuador)

Oni and the Great Bird (West Africa, Yoruba Tribe)

All are available as prints on my inprnt!

Thank you everyone for your support over the past year! Here’s to a great 2014!

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Filed under yes!! so what if i like pretty things eye tag bc i can definitely see that one freaking someone out hey how should i tag for just like squick stuff? is that okay? usually i do tw: whatever for triggering stuff but what about stuff you just don't want to see? not necessarily triggers but y'know stuff like eyeballs hmm thoughts on this appreciated ok thank

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sitting here thinking about how there is honestly no actual way the aerial corps hasn’t run into problems in the past with captain/dragon relations

like not of a sexual nature (not necessarily, i guess i should say, idk, it’s just not what i’m thinking about right now) but romantically speaking, like…

it seems like most dragons are of about average human intelligence. i would imagine that some- maybe even many?- people are capable of forming romantic attachments based solely on non-physical aspects, ie, personality, wit, humour, etc. i mean, for evidence of that, i will point you towards the history of relationships forged through the internet.

we’ve never encountered any non-human sentient species capable of full communication with us, so i guess it’s difficult to judge for sure, but i’m just

you know

sitting here

thinking about how i bet this is one of those things all born aviators know all about, but which the average civilian- laurence included- would have no way of suspecting.

Filed under temeraire things i'm not gonna write about this post brought to you by rereading throne of jade and having some Thoughts about some of the Chinese companion traditions such as not choosing a companion until you're old enough and the dragon's sire and dam giving the human gifts and the formal binding ceremony hmm HMMM (sorry ms novik)

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Benedict Cumberbatch| A few personal favourites

“His features – the huge almond eyes, the sweeping Cupid’s bow, the acute tapering from cheekbones to chin – can, in repose, hint at something extra-terrestrial; lit with animation, however, they’re charmingly boyish.” [x]

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Filed under hmm oh gosh yes this is good ben is beautiful and i hate his face and by that i mean i am just going to stare at his face forever what a fucking dreamboat