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wait i’m sorry

but does anyone else notice how in the second gif, they are so busy staring into each others eyes that merlin doesn’t notice the jug being taken from him?

I’m not in this fandom but I am the guy on the right in the second gif

Other people came here to eat dinner, your highness



it was never here. literally. in the first episode the gay subtext was unbelievable. 

#I bet the other knights have just got used to this#like#oh look Merlin and Arthur are having a moment again#it’s your turn to take the tray and finish serving the food Percival#no it’s not I did it last time#get Leon to do it it’s his turn#oh damn it’s not even worth the argument now they’re making out and he’s dropped the tray#that’s the second time today#right#who’s going down to the kitchen to get more food then?


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Filed under gay wizard adventure fun show leon's the one in the second gif he's like the actual best seriously though all of arthur's knights would just be like S I G H because they all love arthur and merlin so much anyway so whatever but god seriously how the FUCK is this not canon i mean it legitimately makes me angry like how fucking dare you how DARE you make this show SHOOT THIS SCENE and NEVER have them so much as SAY I LOVE YOU JUST NOT EVEN THAT? FUCK YOU FUCK QUEERBAITING IT'S SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE WORST THINGS OUT THERE GODDAMN