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i love happy coincidences

I may have just laughed way too hard. I don’t care.



i love happy coincidences

I may have just laughed way too hard. I don’t care.

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Filed under i love coffee shop AUs i'm not sorry the thing is i really like romantic stories sometimes just straight-up romance novels but there's not really a market for queer romance novels? apparently? so i read romantic fic instead i would like to fast forward to the day when we have queer genre fic like a sci-fi series that just happens to feature a lot of non-hetero non-binary people a mystery series about a crime-solving former cop turned PI (who is also a lesbian) austenesque period romantic drama BUT GAY please lord please i just really want to read novels again all i read anymore is fanfiction because it's the only way to read the stories i want to read

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that-vicious-vixen asked: Knowing you're also into the wreck of a show that is Teen Wolf, how about Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics?

fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck take me now

DUDE YOU HAVE IMMEDIATELY HIT ON MY MOST-HATED KINK. i cannot fucking STAND it to the point where i will filter it out of search results on AO3 just to keep from having to scroll past it.

like, aspects of it… i can see why people are into the knot thing. and with a certain relationship dynamic, the inherent dub-con elements of “heat” could work. so, like, with hannibal and will, basically. uh that’s probably it, that’s probably the only one where i’d buy that.

but otherwise it ranges from no thank you to flat-out squicks me. heats, WHY? self-lubing?? subservient behaviour not because it’s something you’re into but because it’s something you’re BORN into? weird social hierarchy based on this quirk of genetics? plus of course the fact that it does not even make ANY SENSE because NATURE DOES NOT EVEN WORK LIKE THAT WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS

basically -20/100, DNW

Filed under oh man oh man do i love yelling about my opinions I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS KINK... I'M NOT TRYING TO MAKE ANYONE WHO'S INTO IT FEEL BAD OR ANYTHING IT'S JUST REEEALLY REALLY NOT FOR ME that-vicious-vixen

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i really wanted to draw murder husbands before the bad stuff happens on friday


i really wanted to draw murder husbands before the bad stuff happens on friday

Filed under this is my design i just want will to be deeply morally ambiguous like either he decides to help hannibal (which idk because he told margot jack was his friend and is obvs still fantasising about murdering the shit out of hannibal even if he didn't follow through) or like he just takes off like fuck this place fuck all of you i'm gone or yeah fakes his death frames hannibal seriously that would be great i spent first season wanting to see will totally ruined and now i want to see him put together but aaaalllll fucked up i want only terrible things for will graham OOPS OR WHATEVER I GUESS

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jack crawford’s crime scene consultants more like

are you two seriously going to fuck in the middle of my murder investigation ffs

EDIT seriously i am not liveblogging but


beat totally called that but

that doesn’t mean i’m not mad about it

FURTHER EDIT so in conclusion i’m like really mad that will graham isn’t actually a serial killer like can that please be the actual show i am watching i would be really really happy ok i know i’m awful i’m 100% fully aware of that but i’m not sorry the tiniest bit and i just really want to watch will graham go crazy a little and then put himself back together again through murder

why can’t i have that

Filed under awful people club i'm not liveblogging i just had to get that out a little additionally how fucking dare you seriously

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hey hannibal people hey help me out plz

first off: anyone know where i can watch the episode live tonight? i don’t have a tv and yes, i COULD just wait for it to go up online but i really don’t WANT to.

second: i apologise for the fact that i was going to write fic but then realised that it will probably not work after a new episode has aired because every week this show blows my mind. so i’m sorry that i started something, likely won’t finish, and then told you guys about that. really. sorry. anyway this show is already giving me so much of what i want that i think it’s difficult to write fic for it, since i usually use fic to explore/expand/create the shit i want from the canon material.

it probably wasn’t going anywhere terribly interesting anyway? uh if it’s still workable after tonight i will maybe continue it. or maybe i’ll just post the one dumb scene i have actually written and that will be that.

gonna end this on a question mark so that if people want to reply and leave me a link of some kind they can! i would appreciate that friends!


Filed under i do still want to write things i really do i just have always been so self-critical and it was easier with hanna because there was a definite audience of interested people who really encouraged me and that helped but now i'm just very quick to be like UGH THIS IS STUPID WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS THIS IS POINTLESS WHATEVER esp since like i said this show already GIVES ME THE THINGS i would write about mostly anyway i know you guys would read it if i wrote it i do know and i appreciate that a lot but i still want it to be REALLY GOOD like i want to feel really great about it before i'll share it so wehhh

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I hate when these politicians think that their speaking for the people. I cant stand when dumbass americans feeds into their bullshit.

Like son, there were days when the school lunch was the only thing we ate all day.

I literally think you have no soul if you don’t care about feeding children.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have a soul. It is known..

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