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i saw my friend kendra yesterday

(we went to star wars celebration, it was rad)

and i mentioned the teen wolf fic contest to her

and she was like “so are those two guys gay for each other or what”



Filed under i honestly can't decide if i'm disappoint or impressed THEY ARE HONESTLY NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT GAY FOR EACH OTHER ON THE SHOW SERIOUSLY like the actors are a little bit gay for each other maybe and MAYBE ONE DAY on the show it could be a thing but oh my god is this really the impression we want to be leading with i kind of think it is not still not sure whether or not i ship it tbh like I GUESS because a) a canon gay couple that does not look like glee would be nice (seriously the last cute one i can think of in a big show was willow and tara) (and that went SO WELL thanks joss gdi) and because b) y'know they are hot and i am shallow and it could be an interesting dynamic but and i know i've said this before THEY AREN'T THERE YET they are nowhere close to there yet aaaaaaugh fandom why WHY