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I would like some advice on how you watch this show without the terrible writing distracting EVERYTHING. Because I loved season one and this season I just found really painful and filled with talking heads? HELP, I MISS MY SHOW.

idk, in a lot of ways i think i liked this season better but that’s largely because i’m deeply, deeply invested in will graham’s downward spiral and really want to watch terrible things happen to him mentally and physically. and the show very much delivered on that. there were obviously some aspects of this season i hated, in particular its treatment of its female characters, so i can’t say it’s a perfect show. if it’s the deeply melodramatic dialogue and unbelievable plots that are putting you off, though, then i don’t know how to advise! basically i think those will always be givens in hannibal lecter world? there’s definitely a lot of suspension of disbelief involved…. but i think, basically, for me personally, it comes down to the fact that at the end of the day i’m in it for hannibal and will interaction and will devour every scrap i am given and will forgive a lot of sins for that. such is the life of spook in fandom, though, really, the same could be said for a lot of media - there is a lot i will endure in the name of shipping.

ezra and donna might have more thoughts on this AWFUL PEOPLE CLUB ASSEMBLE

Filed under shadesofbrixton tenderhook iamthespacecadet sorry shit like this involves like analysing my own thoughts and understanding of things which i'm really bad at in some situations i'm great at critical thinking but other times nope i like the thing because thing??? because because murder boyfriends.... because inappropriate touching and homicidal undertones? i'm sorry i just don't know sometimes things just hit a switch in my brain and it just goes YES

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"A severed head!" "Just tea for me, thanks.": Comment on Elementary script (repost from a forum)


After an impossibly high benchmark set by BBC Sherlock, it is an uphill battle for CBS to top the Moftiss version in a way that still stays true to the original Sherlock Holmes stories. Good luck to them, but I’m not hopeful.

” I read the script for Elementary today, and…

i recognize that i am maybe going overboard in support of elementary at this point- i mean, there is absolutely nothing to back me up, except some candids and vague details. but then again, i don’t think i’m terribly unjustified, because a hell of a lot of people are going overboard in their dislike for elementary, and they are mostly basing it off the exact same set of information. or lack thereof.

listen, i know a lot of people have found sherlock holmes through bbc’s sherlock. that’s awesome! i sincerely hope a lot of the fanbase has now taken the time to read the canon, which is amazing, or at least watch the granada series, which is wonderfully accurate. but going into elementary all “but it’s not sherlock!! but they are ripping off sherlock!!! omg it is sooo not as good as sherlock NOTHING IS AS GOOD nothing will EVER be as good HOW DARE CBS TRY TO DO THEIR OWN SHOW” is kind of like insane.

there have been a lot of sherlock holmes adaptations. seriously. there have been SO FUCKING MANY sherlock holmes adaptations. there is a wikipedia article entirely about the many and varied versions of this character, and these stories, that have been made throughout the 100+ years since the canon was written. comparing any particular one to any other is basically pointless.

i can only speak for myself, and i know that i’ve got some bias, because i’ve hardly ever run across versions of holmes i didn’t care for. (so far, it’s only been novels. there is a lot of crappy fiction written about Our Hero.) but i sincerely enjoy a hell of a lot of different holmes shows/movies, and most of them have very little in common with each other apart from the names of the characters.

hell, just take guy ritchie’s version and compare it to the bbc. those are the two most recognizable versions of holmes at the moment, and both are SO FUCKING DIFFERENT not only from each other, but also from the source material, that it’s kind of like laughable. seriously. you may personally enjoy one more than the other, but that doesn’t make them the “right” one or the “real” one. it doesn’t invalidate the one you don’t love the absolute most. you can, in fact, love more than one at once.

maybe elementary will really suck. i hope it doesn’t! i don’t think it will. but it might. but, y’know, i’m going to try to actually watch it first, before i decide that.

and if your reason for thinking it sucks is because it isn’t sherlock, or it isn’t enough like sherlock, or it’s too much like sherlock, or jonny lee miller just doesn’t have the right cheekbones… then i sort of kind of want you to just shut your pie hole, please.

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Filed under twotwoonebee i'm sorry but you have no valid reason to dislike elementary yet unless you also dislike sherlock and are therefore objecting on the grounds of modern update you haven't seen it yet so nope sorry you can't actually have formed opinions based on anything real yet scripts change and actors make an enormous difference as does directing and everything else that goes into making words into television so as far as i can see you're either hating because it isn't sherlock or hating because it's american or hating because ew there is a girl in it ew and none of those are correct answers give it a chance to suck first then you can hate it for real reasons and i won't complain promise