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Well, look, 85% of Americans support a minimum wage increase. If you just kept the minimum wage we had a 1968 steady, adjusted for inflation, it would be $10.40 right now. If you adjusted the minimum wage or the productivity improvements we have had since the late 1960s, the minimum wage would be over $15 an hour. Martin Luther King in 1963, that was a march for jobs and justice, and one of the planks was moving the minimum wage to two dollars an hour, which, today’s dollars, would be well over $14, in fact, by some measure about $15 and hour. So, this is not out of our tradition. This is not a radical notion. This is what it would be, all other things being equal, and if you put more money people’s pockets, they can turn around and buy stuff, which means more jobs, not fewer jobs.

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"This is not a radical notion"

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Filed under truth and beauty bombs oh my god what would my life be like at $15 an hour? it felt like a major life change just to get TEN i can't even... i literally can't imagine it

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Idk if I’m the last one to see this, but have you guys seen this volcano in Indonesia that’s spewing bLUE FLAMES. -its metal as hECK. so fucking cool looking.


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Filed under i'm??? IS THIS SHIT REAL IS THIS ACTUALLY A THING i want it i love it oh my god never let me near it because i will want to touch it

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My favourite thing was a bunch of people made a giant sign that said “How am I going to be an octopus about this?” and held it up during Pompeii at all the right times and it distracted me enough to sing ‘octopus’ instead by accident.
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i can’t be mean about like moms wearing Coach or generally ugly but non-offensive things because i just imagine a cute but clueless mom she’s not FASHION she’s just a regular mom and she probably worked hard to get a cute purse and she picked it out herself and she thinks her purse is cute and it makes her feel confident you go mom

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Filed under dude THIS YES ME TOO OH MY GOD whenever i hear anyone being all mean girls about someone else's fashion choices anyone else but especially older ladies i'm like SHUT UP OMG SHE IS SO HAPPY WITH IT LET HER BE HAPPY!!! idk maybe it's a result of having really good cute parents myself but shut up don't you dare make them feel bad about themselves don't you dare make ANYONE feel bad about themselves!!! i will kick you!!!!!

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sirius black making no less than 37 deer related jokes in his best man speech

Deerly beloved, family, and friends, it behooves me to deliver this speech to two of the purest harts I know, two individuals so fawned of each other that it completely bucks the notion of superficial love.

Doe they will surely go through many trials and tribulations in the years ahead—many high and low points; stag-nant periods, when their love seems fallow—I know, as someone who knows them best, that they will not allow themselves to fall into a rut. 

When it’s all over, and people are sitting around telling tails of these two, they’ll be telling each other the purest love story anyone has ever herd.

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