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Triskelions and spirals in Teen Wolf

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Filed under team woofs so they've sort of explained these i guess? the spiral is a symbol for revenge so derek uses it to bury his sister as a vow that he's going to avenge her and peter uses it on fucking everything because his entire cause in the first season is likewise revenge and i guess he used it on that deer to lure laura because uh idk maybe they still considered beacon hills their territory? so she wanted to find out what the hell werewolf was in her land swearing vengeance or whatever? i'm less clear on that one the triskelion is a little more straightforward though the whole thing about like alphas can become betas omegas can be alphas etc is a little bit bullshit to me but i guess we're just setting up the idea that one day scott will be an alpha and derek will be a beta again? or something? idk anyway i wish they were a little clearer with this symbolism is mostly my point like i GET it but a lot of the time it just feels sort of DUN DUN DUNN with no real purpose behind it