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Filed under twotwoonebee the depth and intensity of love that holmes has for watson is ALWAYS going to destroy me regardless of what version i'm looking at HE HAS NO IDEA HOW TO EXPRESS WHAT HE IS FEELING AND HE IS PRETTY SURE ANY EXPRESSION OF IT WOULD BE UNWELCOME AND HE WOULD RATHER LEAVE IT UNSAID AND MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO THAN TAKE THE RISK fffuuuucccckkkkk holmes/watson RUINS ME EMOTIONALLY goodbye

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Filed under twotwoonebee so okay listen holmes has never EVER in his life cared about someone the way he cares about watson it's totally new and baffling and fascinating and scary and he has no idea how to even deal with that and no matter what he's pretty sure expressing this to watson would be a TERRIBLE idea it would be overwhelming and way too much and it might scare watson off which is the absolute worst possible thing that holmes can even fucking imagine honestly so he pushes it down and tries not to let it show but on the other hand WATSON IS NOT THAT OBSERVANT he's not stupid but he's not holmes so like if holmes is trying not to make something obvious? watson will probably not catch it and so as far as watson can perceive holmes barely cares about him at all and meanwhile he's invested so much of his life into this asshole god GOD they're such a fucking tragedy at least elementary has a shot eventually because joan is p fucking observant but i don't know that they'd do that or if i'd even want them to lord this relationship fucking ruins me goodbye goodnight