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Who is this John Green guy? Will I be sad if I read his books? I am not particularly in the mood for sad romantic books (which is weirdly the impression I get from him BUT I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG)

No you won’t be sad! You’ll like them! They don’t even have sad parts! People who tell you they have sad and/or romantic parts are LYING. 

No Romance, No Sadness. That’s my MOTTO.


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this ain't livin': What's With the Fanfic to Book Hate?


People sneering at both authors are definitely playing up the ‘ew, gross, fanfic’ factor. They want to make it clear that they disdain fanfic and the people who write it. Intriguingly, many of those people are women, so there’s a subtle embedded misogyny going on here in the way people discuss fanfic; female creative endeavors are dismissed, while male literary fiction is embraced and celebrated. Just like romance as a genre is trashed (‘ew, gross, it’s for women’) and literary fiction is considered high culture (‘it’s about dudes, you know’).

The issue with Cassandra Clare is not that her work is loosely adapted from her Harry Potter fanfic.  The problem is that she got a book contract because of her popularity as a fanfic writer—which wouldn’t be a problem except for the small fact that her fic was outright plagiarized from a bajillion different other works, and not just in the sense of using the same set of characters.  Clare used other people’s ideas and in many cases their actual words liberally in the fanfic which got her the book contract.

That she now enjoys success as a bestselling YA author, with a movie deal, etc., while some of the writers whose work Clare stole don’t even have their works in print anymore, is outrageous and upsetting.

I personally would love to see more fanfic writers enjoy commercial success.  There are so many of them who are really talented, work hard to produce quality works, and deserve to have their writing read more widely.  

But Clare, in addition to being an unpleasant person in general, built her fanfic and commercial success by taking credit for other writers’ work.  This needs to be condemned.

I just noticed that Clare’s main wikipedia page doesn’t have any references to her plagiarism and mentions her fanfic only in passing.  Urgh.  I suppose she, her lawyers/publicists, and her fans watch that carefully to ensure that this story stays buried.  But it shouldn’t.  

YES THIS okay people irl are always giving me the side-eye when I’m like “ugh, cassandra clare” but I REMEMBER THAT SHIT, OKAY. even while it was going on, her fans were trying to brush it off like it was no big deal as if it was just haters hating and whatever but no plagiarism is shitty and bad. when people do shitty and bad things, and don’t show ANY KIND OF REMORSE FOR IT WHATSOEVER, the world should not respond by handing them brand new and even bigger successes! especially not ones that lead to like movie deals and shit aaugh i can’t think about cassandra clare this makes me actually furious.

(by the way this is also why it sort of annoys me that tessa stone has a new project going as well) (please seem like you at least regret your massive fuckups before you somehow land new and better contracts?? please???)

and as for fifty shades (the other half of that “both authors” quote refers to e.l. james), my issue with that is not that it was fanfiction. i fucking love fanfiction, as i will gladly admit whenever smacktalking those books. my problem is that it’s poorly written, and that it takes all of the weird emotional abuse/manipulation of edward and bella’s dynamic and makes it like ten billion times worse. fanfiction provides an excellent opportunity to fix some of the flawed (or flat-out fucked up) relationship dynamics present in twilight, but if the fic author in question not only doesn’t recognize them but seems to find them just as “romantic” as stephenie meyer intended, well, that’s a problem.

people need to recognize abuse, not romanticize it. seriously. if a dude you have basically just met is already getting jealous over you talking to other men, that shit is not sweet, that is a warning sign. and that is just the START of things, i mean, i just, those books make me really mad?

but it’s nothing to do with the published fic aspect. i’m very pro published fic. one of my favourite ever authors, naomi novik, doesn’t exactly make a secret of her fandom identity; i love her published works, i love her fic, i love the opportunity to enjoy both things. and one of the big names in the sherlock fandom, madlori, is a published author as well; i haven’t read her book, but i do know it started out as brokeback mountain fic.

but i don’t see either of them getting any hate, and that’s because they are both really talented (and, from what i can tell, very nice and genuine) people. it’s the people who are perceived as undeserving of the success they’ve earned that seem to piss people off, and to be honest, i don’t really see a problem there.

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nothing is sure in a sea fight above all.: zmiy: From The Mauritius Command: “Shall you adventure to the...


From The Mauritius Command:

“Shall you adventure to the maintop?” asked Jack. “I could show you better from up there.”

“Certainly,” said Stephen. “To the ultimate crosstrees, if you choose: I too am as nimble as an ape.”

Jack was moved to ask whether there were earthbound apes, as compact as lead, afflicted with vertigo, possessed of two left hands and no sense of balance; but he had seen the startling effect of a challenge upon his friend, and apart from grunting as he thrust Stephen up through the lubber’s hole, he remained silent until they were comfortably installed among the studding-sails, with their glasses trained upon the town.


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who needs sleep when you have novel-length fan fiction

i would just like to restate, because i feel it deserves restating forever, that the archive of our own allows you to download any fic in a format which can be read on a kindle. this means that you can read basically all of the fic in the world on your kindle. or on your phone, if you like, there’s a kindle app.

you can be reading fic all the time, everywhere. the other day i read fic while in the doctor’s office. today i read some on the bus at work, and some more while i was on lunch.

great thing, or greatest thing?

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did he just…

fly into hell???



in the book

the black dot door leads to his home

in wales

where he is from

he is welsh

he has a sister and a niece and nephew and the witch of the wastes goes after them because they are like one of the only things in the world he legitimately cares about

(his bedroom window looks out onto their backyard, he is precious, oh my gosh)

because in the book howl is kind of an obnoxious dick and a huge brat who weasels out of every possible responsibility ever, but he is a really good guy under it, and that is why i love him a lot, and why sophie loves him too

(also i feel i should restate, adorable welsh accent you guys he is welsh HOW CUTE ARE WELSH ACCENTS, SO CUTE IS THE ANSWER)

i love this book so much. but i sort of hate this anime. because it is almost nothing like the book.

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